Do you work in a health related profession?

Would you like to release stress fast and have more energy?

Welcome to my website offering training in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for health professionals.

If you are really busy helping others, you may not feel you have the time to learn a new therapy, let alone use it to help yourself.  What I can offer you is a therapy that doesn’t take long to learn, is easy to do and gets great results, fast. 

Whether you are a therapist, nurse, healer, coach, counsellor, care worker, or any other health professional; you can use EFT to relieve everyday stress or tension and increase your positive energy levels as well as to work on deeper issues as part of your ongoing self-development.  You will find EFT a fantastic tool to add to your skillset because it can be used and adapted to suit your changing needs.  Continued use of EFT can help to permanently change the way you feel, helping you to release trauma, overcome fears and phobias and get rid of unwanted habits. 

Would you like to safely and gently help your clients/patients release overwhelming emotions so they can progress with their treatment?

From time to time you may come across clients or patients that go into overwhelm or panic and it becomes difficult to help them.  EFT has such a high success rate for trauma and anxiety that you can use it to bring someone out of a highly emotional state usually within minutes.  When you train with me to practitioner level, you will have the skills and qualifications needed to do this. 

EFT is becoming more widely used across the world and alongside traditional health care and other therapies.  Scientific evidence to show how and why EFT works so well is growing and you can read more about what research has been done so far on my EFT page. 

Here’s a couple of examples of how EFT is used in the health sector:

Patricia Carrington Ph.D writes a fantastic article about a nurse who uses EFT with patients in a hospital.  For the purpose of the article she calls her ‘Marie’.  Here is an excerpt and a link below if you wish to read the whole article:

“Recently, Marie was summoned to a floor where a woman patient was terrified of an impending operation that was necessary and imminent. She was nearly hysterical due to her fear of the surgery. The nurses were at a loss as to what to do about this. Remembering Marie’s helpful EFT interventions under other circumstances, the clinical nurse specialist called Marie to come to the floor.  When she arrived, she found the patient distraught and terrified. Marie asked the woman if she would like to try “a simple technique to help you with your fear that involves light tapping on your face and upper body.” The woman agreed and the set up phrase they formulated went as follows: “Even though I’m terrified of surgery…”  In the middle of the second round of tapping the patient stopped abruptly when she had reached the under- nose spot and exclaimed, “Oh! It’s gone!””

Sylvia Hartmann, author of Energy EFT writes:

“EFT does not cure cancer; but EFT can help cancer patients in so many different ways to feel better, feel stronger and have a different experience altogether as they move through the various phases of their treatments”.

Read Denise Jaques’ case study of her work with Joseph who wanted to see if EFT could help with the debilitating pain he was having 4 months after major surgery for cancer:

Ingrid Dinter, an EFT Practitioner and cancer survivor talks about her experiences:

“As a cancer survivor and EFT practitioner, I can attest first hand to the effectiveness of EFT during the cancer journey.  EFT has been a tremendous tool to help me manage and release the side effects of chemo, and to ensure that the mental and emotional stresses that come along with this kind of medical treatment are being addressed and cared for effectively.”

Read about my own experiences using EFT to help me overcome miscarriage:

See how my clients and students have used my services for their own health:

Find out more about EFT, including references to the growing body of scientific research: