Wendy Beresford EFT

Training to empower and inspire

About Me

I originally trained as a Hypnotherapist in 2006 with Bernard Barden.  He was a fantastic and engaging tutor who inspired me to completely transform my life.  During my training I applied the techniques I learned to overcome much of my childhood trauma.  Previously, I had quite severe social anxiety and was constantly in a state of stress, worrying about everything to excess.  My training helped me to realise what was happening and to change it – getting rid of my fears and my belief that I wasn’t good enough or as worthy as others.  Since then I have followed my dreams and adapted them along the way, always learning and developing my skills to help myself and those around me.

In 2008 I discovered EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), taking Level 1 with Irene Lambert from the Willow Therapy Clinic.  Since then, I have grown to love it more and more, using it every day in my life to keep my positive energy levels up and my stress levels down.  I have never come across anything else that can take you from extremely stressed to completely calm within a couple of minutes!  It is such a transformative technique and it’s so quick and easy to do.  I use it for almost anything you can think of – energy, motivation, resolving issues and fears, relieving stress and creating success.

Not long after I became an EFT Practitioner (Level 2) in 2010, I had my third miscarriage.  I didn’t have any children and didn’t know if I ever could so when this happened for the third time I decided to stop trying for a while.  I couldn’t face going through that again.  So I spent about three months grieving and didn’t really use EFT at all.  But one day, in January, I had a realisation that I was ready to make changes in my life and get back on track with me and my passion; my therapy work.  So I started to use EFT every day.  Firstly, I was able to safely release the pain and the trauma that had become stuck and was making me relive the feelings of loss every time I saw my best friend’s daughter, or a friend of mind got pregnant, or I saw the advert for the pregnancy tester (or any other ‘baby’ triggers).  Once that was cleared, my mind was clear and I felt determined to restore balance to my body (which I had not been looking after) so that I would have the best chance of conceiving later on.  I used a technique I developed from EFT (like Energy EFT) to help me to focus my mind on my goals and I soon became healthy inside and out; exercising regularly, enjoying my food and getting rid of about a stone and a half along the way.  Nine months later I was ready to try again and I am now blessed with a beautiful daughter.

In 2013 I was inspired to become a trainer so I  could use my skills, knowledge and experience to help inspire others and to get EFT ‘out there’.

In 2016 I upgraded my training to become an Energist Trainer, using Energy/Positive EFT to enhance my ability to empower others to create positive change in their lives. Check out my 21 day tapping challenge to see how Energy EFT works in my life as a daily tool.

Training and experience

  • Hypnotherapy Diploma, 2006
  • EFT Levels 1-3 and Trainer Qualification, 2008-2013
  • Tutor at the Isbourne Holistic Centre since 2012
  • Tutor at the Isbourne College since 2014
  • Coaching ILM Level 3, 2015
  • Positive EFT Practitioner, 2016
  • Energist Trainer 2016
  • Energy EFT Foundation 2016