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The research into EFT is growing and looks promising in explaining the effect described in the case studies of many who use it.   One Harvard study discovered –

The stimulation of acupuncture points has been shown over the course of a ten-year research program at Harvard Medical School to rapidly reduce limbic system arousal” (Fang 2009)”

This means that the stress chemicals that get released into the body when the fight/flight response is activated in the brain (due to a threat) can be decreased by tapping.

In ancient times threats were short lived and these stress hormones helped us to escape mortal danger but often in Western society the stress response can be overstimulated due to threats such as stress at work, or problems with relationships, or anxiety that arises from overwhelm – having to much to do, too little time and too much pressure.

Another study of 216 healthcare workers found anxiety and depression dropped by 45%. They also reported levels of pain dropped by 68%.  It seems that when tapping the brain releases feel pain killing hormones into the body as well as reducing levels of stress hormones. Research also suggest that feel good hormones can be produced when tapping and this indicates why EFT can be used as a positive feeling enhancing tool as well as a painkiller or to calm in situations of trauma.

Personally, I have seen and experienced time and time again a sense of calmness from tapping which over a short time begins to replace the original worry or fear.  These worries and fears affect us mentally and physically and if not released can cause bigger problems down the line.  You may be able to think of a time you had negative thoughts circling round and a tightness in the chest or knotted stomach – these are mental and physical symptoms of too much stress in the body.  Over time it can cause emotional blocks and issues and can even be attributed to physical illnesses,

What I have noticed is that when the mind and body become calm, thinking becomes clearer and intuition is heightened. Suddenly rather than being immersed in a problem it is possible to take a step back and see what the best course of action is.  And in addition to this, through Positive EFT, I have discovered how to create and enhance feelings of success, motivation, happiness and love.  This is something that can be used as a daily empowering tool and only takes a couple of minutes.

If you are interested finding out more about what scientific research has taken place so far, the AMT has a great list so you can have a look at the bits that interest you the most – https://theamt.com/eft_studies.htm