Wendy Beresford EFT

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“I found Wendy’s EFT Level 1 course very helpful, especially having to guide someone through it and getting familiar with the ‘EFT Sandwich’.  It was an excellent practical introduction to EFT Techniques” John from Gloucester

“I first met Wendy when she ran an Introduction to EFT workshop at the Isbourne Holistic Centre in Cheltenham and as a result of Wendy’s adept delivery of EFT and natural positive energy I wanted to learn more about this modality that can literally change your perspective on things within minutes.  Wendy is a naturally gifted holistic therapist who instills a sense of peace in everyone she meets. I would recommend Wendy, whole-heartedly, for any of the therapy modalities she offers” Debs from Cheltenham

“As a result of an accident some 15 years ago I have suffered from chronic pain in my leg, which has only been made bearable with large doses of prescription pain killers. Although I was near to the maximum dosage, I still suffered acute pain and discomfort, All that my Doctor could offer me was morphia based drugs to manage the pain, which I would not accept because of their addictive qualities.  I had two sessions with Wendy and after the second session the pain seemed to disappear almost at once, but I was still taking large doses of pain killers. I found that I was able to walk without a stick and walk more upright, which I had not done for many years, so I started to wean myself off of pain killers. In this I was partially successful and I still require pain killers at times, but a lot less than before, the main thing is that I do not suffer the pain that I did and the quality of my life has improved enormously.  I am now looking forward to when Wendy will be able to give me another therapy session to help me further.” Mike, 79, Bishop’s Cleeve

“Whilst pregnant for the first time I was beginning to feel anguish and extremely worried about the pending birth, hearing so many horror stories of the pain I would experience. I approached Wendy with my concerns. I had a CD made personally for me after some one to one consultations. I had four weeks left to D day so I listened to the cd every day, it was perfect, it relaxed me and made me feel that I had nothing to worry about, I no longer feared my labour. My bundle of joy made an earlier then expected arrival, 10 days, however I remained calm through out my labour, it was a natural birth, it truly was a amazing experience and I honestly believe this is due to the help of Wendy, she helped with my breathing and state of mind. I would definitely, and have recommend Wendy’s therapy service.” Miss Michelle Jones, Cheltenham

“I really like the tapping and would like to learn more” Daniela from Cheltenham