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My journey towards freedom and my true self

Last year was a year of developing as a mother, training for my business and reflecting on my path. My business had been the same for quite a few years and suddenly I found myself in the midst of change, evolving and cocooning like a caterpillar, ready for the transformation into a butterfly in 2017.

I spent most of 2016 developing spiritually, getting to know myself and learning to trust in the universe to guide me. It was a challenging year filled with big bumps my road of life, yet it showed me how strong and resilient I now am and how I can always find the solutions I need.

Through synchronicity and to my complete surprise, I ended up training in Reiki which helped me develop the skills I needed to enhance my intuition and receive guidance on my path.  And during this time, I also retrained as an Energist Trainer, taking the new Energy EFT courses through the Guild of Energists (formerly the AMT). This training filled a major gap I had with Traditional EFT and with the former direction of my business. I was now opening up to a more heart-centred, spiritual and positive way of working with myself and others.

One thing I didn’t have the answer for was what I really wanted to do with my business. I was asked in the training to develop a specific vision of what I wanted to do, a vision that excited and inspired me.

It wasn’t until the very end of the year and the beginning of this year that things really started to take shape and form. I realised that my business is my passion and that we were transforming together to make something beautiful and new. I had a sudden flash one day that I desired to focus a significant part of my work on helping others with anxiety as that is something I spent my adult life learning to break free from.

It took the challenges I faced last year to make me realise that I had truly overcome anxiety and that I was resilient and able to deal with life in a positive way. My past experiences seemed to fly through my mind revealing just how much I had dealt with and how difficult I had found everyday life growing up and as a young adult. I was amazed how I had forgotten all the fears and paranoia and helplessness that I felt and wondered how I ever managed before and how no-one really knew what I was going through. Looking at Facebook one day, I suddenly noticed that friends were starting to come forward who had been battling with anxiety their whole lives, most of them managing to look on the surface like confident and successful people. It reminded me how alone I felt, doubting my sanity at times, feeling like there was something very wrong with me when in fact more and more people have to face these kinds of feelings every day that at the time, they have no control over.

The control for me came slowly as I spent time researching in order to understand myself better and where this had all come from. I read book after book trying different techniques to help myself, with small improvements along the way. I got to the point of being so frustrated with myself for knowing what was wrong and how I should feel, yet being unable to control myself enough to actually feel much better or stop certain reactions when triggers arose.

It wasn’t until I started practicing EFT everyday after having my third miscarriage several years ago, that I truly began to transform into a being filled with happiness, love and appreciation for life (which I had always felt was at the heart of me). This journey towards love has flowed now into my work to the point where I feel passionate and able to help others who face similar challenges to the ones I faced. We all have unique gifts we can contribute in life and I have finally found mine.

So, whether you are dealing with chronic stress or anxiety, I would like to invite you to open the door to your palace of possibilities where you dare to dream of a future filled with joy and happiness. Every journey is unique and no-one can say how far you will come but what I do know is that believing you are stuck and there is no hope is not a good space for improving your experience in life. You are not the anxiety, it is not yours and only you have the power to unlock your true self.

Find out more about freedom from anxiety with True You Training 

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The First of my Energy EFT Tap Along Videos :-)


New therapy and training programme for those with hidden anixiety

True You Training

I am pleased to be able to specialise in offering guided therapy and training for anyone dealing with anxiety, panic attacks and/or chronic stress.

I have developed this programme with love and care to give hope to the vast numbers of people who appear to be functioning well but are hiding their constant inner battles behind smiles. People with anxiety often feel too ashamed to tell even their closest friends how much they are struggling because they feel like a failure. Things that should be simple or fun, like visiting friends or going to the cinema can be loaded with fears and cause silent panic attacks. It’s such a hard thing to try and explain to someone else how you are feeling when you don’t even understand why this is happening to you.

I can remember one time when I went to the cinema with a group of friends to watch my first 3D film with glasses. Going out with groups of people was always a major issue for me and brought up loads of fears in itself but I always put myself out there, despite how hard it was. I remember the only seats available were really near the front and when I realised I couldn’t sit up high near the back, I started to panic, quietly in my head. I felt trapped and nervous at the prospect of looking up at the big screen for an hour and a half. As if that wasn’t bad enough, when I put on the glasses and began watching the film I was hit by a sudden feeling of disorientation and dizziness. I did not want to be there any longer but I couldn’t leave – what would my friends say? Plus I was in the middle and not on the edge where I would’ve felt more safe. So, instead of leaving, I sat for the duration of the film with my glasses on, head straight rather than up and eyes closed, and I prayed that no-one would notice that I wasn’t watching the film.  At times, my friends would laugh at the film and so I laughed with them in hope that they wouldn’t realise what was happening. Hiding what I was going through was the only way I could fend off a full-blown panic attack. The film we were watching was Ice Age, a light-hearted film for kids.

This experience was one of many I had to face with this kind of inner turmoil and it took so much of my energy hiding the anxiety and panic from friends and family.

As you may have noticed, this is a subject very close to my heart as I spent most of my life with chronic anxiety before I found my freedom. I’m not saying I have the answer for you, only that the answers lie within you and the potential to be free is great.

The unique training package I have created focuses on helping you to find your own positive solutions, making changes on a deeper emotional level, so that you get out of your head and on the path to feeling good. It aims to help you to let go of old thoughts, emotions and behaviours that are getting in the way of you enjoying the present moment and of living as your authentic self in a vibrant and positive state.

This solution-focused treatment programme uses powerful Energy EFT and is designed to help you feel better even after the first session, giving you positive tools to use straight away whenever you need them in-between sessions. The exercises you do at home are simple, light-hearted and we create them together to suit your personality and lifestyle so even the busiest of people can have help at hand whenever they need it.

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Energy EFT Training

Energy EFT Foundation – Sunday 5th February 2017

This is a pre-requisite for my Energy EFT Master Practitioner training

Indulge yourself in a day of creating positive energy and discover your favorite ways to use Energy EFT to enhance your mood and increase success in all areas of your life.

Energy EFT is a creative and lighthearted tool that releases stress in a positive way (without the need to delve around in the past). Great for anyone who is working hard to keep up with the many demands of modern life, looking for a simple way to feel better, think clearer and enjoy the present moment.

During the workshop you will get the opportunity to practice using Energy EFT with meditation, crystals, colours and essences.

DATE & TIME: Sunday 5th February 2017, 10-5pm
VENUE: The Isbourne Holistic Centre, Woseley Terrace, Cheltenham, GL50 1TH
COST: £150 or £135 Earlybird

TO BOOK: Call the Isbourne on 01242 254 321 or click here


Training Packages


True You Training

A 6 session guided therapy and training programme designed for anyone dealing with anxiety, panic attacks and/or chronic stress. This is my signature programme created with love and care for those who may be functioning well but hiding the constant inner battles behind smiles. Having spent most of my life like this myself, this program is close to my heart and I hope to inspire and train you in finding your own answers and ways to break free so you will discover what it is like to live in a state of wellbeing, peace and happiness – feeling free, powerful and brave!

Interested? Contact me to find out more.

Sleep well, wake up happy!

A 3 session training programme teaching you simple tools to help you improve sleep quality, the ability to fall asleep quickly and peacefully, the ability to fall back to sleep if awoken and how to feel great when you wake.

Interested? Contact me to find out more.

Feel better now!

A 6 session training programme giving you all the tools and support you need to increase success in all areas of your life, creating more energy, inspiration and motivation – or whatever you need!

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Individual Training Sessions

If you want to pay as you go please contact me about booking individual sessions which include training and guided therapy.


Mindful EFT in the workplace

Below are some of the training options available. Please contact me to book your free demo for up to 6 managers

One day Mindful EFT workshop

Participants will learn simple Mindful EFT practices they can use every day to increase positivity, creativity and productivity.

6 week Mindful EFT course

Providing a thorough grounding in the theory and practice of mindfulness and EFT.  Each session combines guided Mindful EFT exercises, discussions, the practical application of techniques at work and home and an explanation of the principles of mindfulness and EFT.  Training includes a workbook with daily exercises, feedback and group discussion, ongoing support.

One-to-one coaching for managers

Available in person or by Skype.

Bespoke training package

A tailor-made package to suit your business needs.



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